Welcome to the Power Lead System Quick Start Guide.

1. Introduction to Power Lead System.


Here you will learn the basics that you need to do to get started quick.

2. Creating your own links to promote PLS

Here I take you through creating your links to share so that you can start to make money.

3. Marketing Quick Start Guide

This shows you how I quickly grow my PLS business.  It is a paid marketing strategy, which I recommend if you want to make money fast.

Just to recap I recommend using PLS Capture Page #6 and PLS Sales Page (4 tabs).  But it is always a good idea to try different capture pages / sales page combinations.

Recommended Solo Ad Vendors

In this video I talk about using Solo Ad vendors.

These are the guys I use and recommend, you are free to use these or find others through the methods explained in the video.

Raymond Stender – fivestarsoloads.com/

Paul Wilson – firstclasssolos.com

Darren Golligher – solosworld.com

Darrel Tenter – http://darreltenter.com/solo-ads

Mel Archuleta – Mel doesn’t have a website yet – but he is reliable – you can find him on Facebook here

Sarah Chew – www.imwithsarah.com/soloads/

Billy Montes – Click for Billy’s Site 


However if you want find your own, make sure you prequalify them with these questions.

Question’s to Solo Ad Sellers

If you are approaching a solo ad seller for the first time – it is certainly a good idea to ask questions.

  1. If you don’t already know (as it’s sometimes listed on their sales page and in testimonials) Ask how much of their traffic is top tier – you want at least 85%
  2. When was the last time you sent this offer (PLS) to your list?
  3. How long will it take to deliver the clicks
  4. Finally, don’t forget, you can also try to negotiate the cost per click.


4. What Do I Do When I Get a New Member?

Share, share, share….  Remember your success depends on the success of others, so how great is it that you get to impact other people’s lives in such a positive way.

So check out this video on how to connect and share with new members.









5. Using Facebook to make Money

Here I share with you my Facebook Marketing techniques – which is a great way of getting free leads and sales.

Click here to access My Facebook Success Formula