PT 3 From One “A-HA” Moment to another – I Finally Cracked It!


A-HA! I finally found it – the solution!  The actual formula to making money online!  At last – someone was giving exact practical steps I could follow!

I had made the goal of making $5,000 by the end of April.  It was 23rd April and I had made a few sales but nothing that convinced me that I would hit the target.

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I had been watching a couple who were in the same opportunity as me, and they were posting how they were getting 100’s of leads a DAY!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  As I was struggling to get one or two a day, so I reached out to them, and we jumped onto skype.

They showed me what they were doing…..  And it was only a $1 investment, (You can check it out here).

I jumped straight into the bootcamp training.  I was blown away as I was given a coach – a really great coach to help me out.

I got through the first 8 modules in a day!  It was one a-ha moment after another, I could not believe that I had invested $14k in the other opportunity – and I did not get the level of training I was receiving for just 1 dollar!

After 2 days, the opportunity to level up and go PRO presented itself.  And I just jumped in.  I had to use my Brother’s credit card to do it!  This meant I could make the high commissions!

I was so completely blown away by what I was learning, I reached out to 2 of my friends who I knew were struggling with their online marketing.  Like me they were blown away!  And both went PRO as well.

Wow!  I made $2,000 after 5 days!

I quickly followed what I had learned in the bootcamp, and sure enough I got hundreds of leads!  I got over 500 leads in ONE day (where previously it had taken me 9 months to get that many!!)

One thing that I now know was pivotal is that I had alway helped other people as much as I could in the previous opportunity for no personal gain, just because I wanted to help.  I had built great relationships and trust.

I started showing my results on Facebook – the leads, the sales etc and simply sharing my link.

Before I knew it, more and more people were signing up and going PRO!

It wasn’t because I told them to:

  • It’s because they saw the same value that I saw.
  • It’s because they got coaching from day one!
  • It’s because they had the multiple ‘A-HA’ moments that I had.

By 5th May, I had made $6,000!

I couldn’t believe it!

And it was effortless!

In the meantime, I was building up my own sales pipeline using what I had been taught in the bootcamp, constantly bringing in residual sales and upgrades!

Within 9 weeks – I had made $27,335  – enough to back all the debt built up on the last opportunity – AND I was able to upgrade to the top tier – where I started making $3,000 commissions as well.

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