PT 2 – How to Make Money for Anything Fast – Reprogramming My Subconscious

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With a total of $14,000 invested, I knew I had to put everything I had into my business.

(If you haven’t read it yet, check out my previous blog post – PT 1 – How I Got Started Online –  From Excitement to Disappointment!)

I read a book – which was hard going to be honest!  I had invested another $97 in it (but what’s $97 after $14k right?)

The book was called ‘How to Make Money for Anything Fast‘ written by Stuart Lichtman.  A kind of cheesy title – that was making a huge commitment!

I decided I had nothing to lose – and took the plunge.

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So what is the book ‘Anything Fast’ about and how does it work?

OK, so the Anything Fast book talks about ‘Cybernetic Transposition’.  (Don’t worry I didn’t have clue what Cybernetic Transposition was either).

In a nutshell, cybernetic transposition is really a way of programming the subconscious or unconscious mind.  Our subconscious is responsible for many of the things we do without thinking.  And 80% of it is programmed in by the time we are 7 years old!  So basically you have a 7 year old running your life!!

Saying affirmations daily is not enough to bring our subconscious into alignment with our conscious desires.

So why would we want reprogram our subconscious?

Lurking in the midst of our subconscious are those limiting beliefs.  They are usually the blockers to us achieving what we desire.  They are the stories that we have told ourselves or that we have learned from childhood that hinder us.

Of course the most common block is usually the one associated with money and abundance.  Where you have told yourself tales of how you don’t deserve money or how it is greedy to want money….

I know, I have some of these blocks myself and I can identify some, but it is still not enough.

Well supposing you didn’t need to identify them?  Supposing there was a way of ‘overwriting’ those blocks with new positive beliefs?

Well you can!  And it works!

Here’s my story of that pivotal moment

Halfway through March last year, I decided to give the ‘Anything Fast’ book a go.  I needed to start seeing a return on my investment ASAP, and I had nothing to lose.

So I set myself a goal to make $5,000 by the end of April.   Now I didn’t quite make that, but by about the 6th May (A week late) I smashed it and made over $6,000!

I couldn’t quite believe it.  This girl who had struggled to make a single penny online was suddenly making money – lots of money!

But it didn’t stop there, I went on to make $11,000 for the month of May!

Impressive right?

So I want to break it down for you.  (If you want to get the full book to do this yourself, you can get it here: Anything Fast.)

This is a basic overview of what I did, following the instructions in the book.

1.Set the Frame

Picture yourself at a time in your life where you were pleased with yourself.  Perhaps you had managed to achieve a goal (it doesn’t have to be a big goal), and you were happy and reflecting on that with a sense of satisfaction.

Knowing that you can achieve, and being able to attach a good feeling to that is what we are aiming for.

2. Reframe It

Next, take that picture in your head and that feeling.  Take it to a place in the future where you achieve another goal you wish to achieve – perhaps a monetary one like mine.

(Be aware not to make the goal too big that you will struggle to believe it.  this is why I set my goal at $5k as that seemed realistic to me.)

Now using the emotion from your first scenario, picture how achieving that future goal might feel.  Picture where you will be, even the nuances, what can you see? what can you hear? what can you feel or taste?

Really build that picture so it feels real.

3. Write it down

While you need get the detail – it is just a moment you are capturing.  So don’t make the description too long, but enough to convey the physical and emotional scenario.

Once you have written it down. Edit it until it feels perfect to you.

4. Write it down again and again….

Ok, here comes the part which is hard work – and you will understand why you don’t want it to be too long…

You have to write it out one hundred times!

(A hack for you – I did write it out multiple times about 37 I think – but I also recorded it – so I could play it back and I kept it where I would see it everyday so I could read it!

Just for the record though the book does state that you need to write it out 100 times to make it work)

And there you have it – that is what I did!

The reason it works is because your subconcious is reprogrammed and it will work towards finding a solution to your goal and making it happen.  You wont even realise, but you’ll probably find yourself going with more gut instincts.

This is exactly what happened for me.  Looking back I realise intuition took over completely, I never hesitated when opportunities were presented to me.  I didn’t feel any fear or resistance as I moved towards my goal – because it had all been overwritten….

Please note that this is a very basic overview – for the full process – you will need to read How to Make Money for Anything Fast by Stuart Lichtman

To find out what I actually did that caused this sudden influx of money….  you will need to read my next blog post.

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