Attract Your Tribe – The Thing That No One Mentions

attract your tribe

Do you sometimes get a bit bewildered when it comes to attraction marketing?  You’ve heard all the terms; ‘Give Value’, ‘Provide Content’ etc…    But what does it really mean.  Over the next few blog posts I am going to talk about what it all really means, and how you can easily start to attract your tribe.

So let’s start right from the very beginning.  The feedback I hear mainly is that people don’t know how to start giving value or what that should be.  It has been very over complicated, but to attract your tribe you need to share your story.

But how is that value?  I hear you ask.  Well let me tell you.  More than anything people are looking for that connection.  The internet is so full of fakery, that when someone genuinely shows their truth and their vulnerability people are attracted to that.

They like it, and if your story happens to resonate with another, then you have found a member of your tribe.  They will listen to what you have to say, because they feel a deep connection to you.

I did this Facebook live which makes this clearer.

The thing is – everyone has a story.  Stories help to inspire and connect, and these two things are absolutely key to attract your tribe.

Why not take a few minutes to think about the little stories in your life.  I bet you have some pure gold waiting to be shared.  Trust me when I tell you, your tribe will LOVE you for it.

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Remember you need to shine so people can find you.



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