If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably a bit curious about what I actually do that brings in the money!

At the end of the day a girl has got to make a living!

I’ve been around the block a few times – tried different network marketing and online businesses and in the end of it all I have settled on these.

I’m not gonna lie, none of these create overnight riches, and you do have to do some work to learn how they work!

But here’s the thing – I love ’em because of the simplicity and the little effort they require to bring an income and the quality of the products.

You do get special bonuses if you join any of my teams.

  1. My Facebook Success Formula – I have made most of my money promoting for free on Facebook!  While I do use paid ads as well – this training will teach you how to make money just using your FB Profile.
  2. You will get extra training programs from me for each of these opportunities to help you get to where you want to be.
  3. You will be added to a mastermind group so you get the best information on promoting your business!

I recommend you start with The Super affiliate Network as it will be the foundation for all your other businesses.  And I have to say – those $1000 day’s are great 🙂

1.  The Super Affiliate Network (SAN)


If you’re really serious about making money online, then this is the affiliate program for you!

The education is the second to none, and you have everything you need to know in the profit boosting bootcamp (available for just one dollar!

  • There’s a great crew at the top making things happen.  I mean the top banana – Misha Wilson actually says – “look, if you’re not making money, I’m not making money!”  So he does he damnedest to make sure we all make money!!!  Hooray!
  • An awesome community to tap into for advice and support.
  • But best of all you can literally run this biz hands free!

The Super Affiliate Network is a true Hustle Free zone!

Everything from traffic – to email follow up – and coaches that convert those high ticket ($1000) commissions – ALL DONE FOR YOU!

What’s not to love???

Of course if you are a more discerning internet marketer and you want to do some work, you can learn all the top traffic and follow up strategies.  And I can tell you they are awesome and continually updated!

Of course if you sign up here – you also get me.  My extra training gets you into profit mode super fast.

Why should you listen to me?  Well I’m right at the top of the leaderboard – and I got there effortlessly, quickly having $1000 dollar days 🙂

Get your one dollar 30 day trial here:



2. Power Lead System (PLS)

Now every business need leads right?

Well for me PLS has become a cornerstone of my businesses.  With built capture page and auto responder tools, this system is a must to run alongside ANY other business in Network Marketing or Affiliate marketing.

For one ad spend I can use PLS to promote both SAN and PLS.  I can also promote any of my network marketing products and create funnels for my teams to use in any niche!

The PLS system system itself, converts really well using the training we learned in SAN and it brings in a great residual monthly income.  Get your free trial here:

3. NOW Lifestyle!

My most recent stream of income is this one.  I’m a great believer that health is wealth, and this is an awesome training platform for learning to become healthy, burn fat, and get in shape quickly and easily.

I hate having to do great big diet over hauls, and  insane high intensity workouts…  That’s why i love this so much.  the lifestyle changes are so simple and easy to implement!  And the best thing about it is the amount of education available for your health and your wealth!

This is an MLM platform and is frankly completely genius!!  You must check it out – get your free trial here!

smart workout nowlifestyle

4. RAIN – Pure Seed Nutrition

I simply love this product.  It’s changing peoples lives all over the world.   People are recovering from chronic pain, diabetes and disease that they have suffered with for years – thanks to this!

Because people have such phenomenal results with this product – it just sells itself.

Below is just one of thousands of testimonials for this product.

Check out the video here:

5. Karatbars – Become a Gold Saver….

Sorry, what?

Oh come on who doesn’t love a bit of blingy gold?

Yes it’s true, you can save gold gram by gram and get rich doing it….!

So not only are you saving your hard earned cash in the most sensible way and protecting yourself from economic crashes.  Check out what Robert Kiyosaki has to say about it!

But here’s the thing you can also be an affiliate for selling the gold!!??!

I mean, who knew?

I know, I was a bit skeptical when I first looked at it, but it’s completely legit

Here’s the thing it’s approved by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the Direct Marketing Association, and has all the credentials of a great MLM.

I’m currently working on building out a marketing machine for this baby, so all you need to do is promote it!  And if you join my team you will get first access to that!

It’s completely affordable to become an affiliate too!  So do you want to know more?

Cool, then just click away right here: