How to Change Your Life

change your life

A journey of a thousand steps is taken one step at a time.

Congratulations!  Did you know that just by making the decision read this post, that you have made a shift in your subconscious to improve your life! And in essence that really is the very first step to change your life?

Whilst it may seem there are many things you could do as your first step to change your life, this was mine; I started listening to podcasts.

I can’t even remember how or why I started doing this – but I know it had the most profound shift in my psyche.

I searched for podcasts on the subjects of confidence, the law of attraction, personal growth etc. and I got a wealth of information right into my phone.

I listened in the car, while I was cooking or doing housework.  With every single one I felt better, motivated and excited about life.

I was amazed how it changed my thoughts, my attitude and ultimately my life.  I generally had time for 20-30 mins a day – but I would look forward to having to take a long drive somewhere so that I could get in some quality personal growth time.

I highly recommend that you take a few minutes right now to search for a couple of podcasts that resonate with you and download them.  If you have an iPhone – you can use the podcast app that is already on your phone, for android phones you can use the stitcher app.

If you can, listen to your first podcast today and try to make it part of your daily routine.

Since listening to podcasts I also now listen to audio versions of personal growth books too!

See – I told you these steps were simple 🙂

PS: If you’re wondering how on earth to fit these into your routine – please download – Mindfulness Hacks for Busy People



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