Facebook Ad Account Banned? What Now?

facebook ad account banned

Have you had your Facebook Ad Account Banned?

Are you in a state of panic wondering what to do about it?

OK, now take a breath – I have answers for you….

I had my Facebook Ad account banned, and I have to tell you – it was devastating!  

If this is you now, I’m going to tell you what I have learned from this process, how to overcome it and how to prevent it happening in the future.

I had my marketing plan all worked out around using Facebook ads.  My first campaign was generating about 15 leads a day – and I was happy, this was a good start!

2 days into my campaign I received a generic message telling me that I had my Facebook ad account banned – permanently!

My initial thought was – oh I’ll find out what the problem is – put it right and we can be friends again.

So I sent them an email asking why my account had been banned and what could I do to put it right?  All nice and civil.

The response came a couple of days later – yet another generic email – saying that I had breached the trust of their users and their decision was final.

Sorry, WHAT?

No indication as to what I had specifically done wrong.  I mean they approved the ads to begin with so seriously: What’s the problem??

I felt as though I had been punched in the stomach – it was really hard not to take personally.   I was also running two different business pages on Facebook, and that was a big blow for me.

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So can you get your account ‘unbanned’?

Well from the research I have done, some people succeed and others don’t.

But appeal is probably your best first port of call – don’t stress out if that fails though there are other options open to you as I will explain.

How can you avoid getting your Facebook Ad Account Banned?

I’ve done LOTS of research and people getting their Facebook ad account banned seems to be a pretty common occurrence .

Apparently, if too many people happen to click that little arrow top right above your ad and say they don’t want to see your ad (it maybe that they’re just not interested in your product/service) FB will shut you down.

Facebook also don’t like the following:

  • Landing or Sales Pages

Apparently, landing pages cause distrust.  Your best option is to take people to a page on your blog or website with further explanation of what you are offering and a call to action or opt in at the end of that.

  • PayPal

God knows why FB don’t like paypal – but apparently it doesn’t enhance this whole trust issue they have with you.  Better to use a credit card if you can.

  • Home Business Opportunities & MLM

It seems according to Facebook – these are all in the ‘get rich quick’ category.  Crazy right?

I understand that there are scammers out there and some very dodgy ‘Network Marketing’ businesses that offer entirely passive income opportunities.  (If you do ever get offered something like that give it a WIDE berth!)

So if you fall into these business categories, be careful how you word your marketing – perhaps offering education services is a better way to go.

  • Up scaling your ad spend too quickly

If you go from $10 a day to $100 this will send a red flag to Facebook.  (You would think that they would be pleased to be getting more revenue!)

  • Doing too many ads at one time

Apparently doing too many ads to start with is also a red flag – start with one or two and increase over time.

  • Too many black marks and you’re out

I learned that Facebook also keep score of things that are going on with your ad account – and every time you get an advert disapproved – you get a black mark.  I don’t know exactly how many of these you have to get before you’re banned – but it’s something to be aware of.

Looking back I fell into 3 of these categories!  It’s frustrating, because NONE of this information is in their guidelines.

The BIG one – this one IS in their guidelines and WILL get you banned with out question.

NEVER make any claims when it comes to weight loss or income potential – even if it has been true for you.

Avoid any statements like:

‘Lose X amount of pounds in X amount of days’


‘Make X amount of money’

They don’t like it!  They will shut you down!


The Other BIG No No – Pain Statements

Facebook want their users to have a lovely experience when they use FB.  FB Users do not want to be reminded how potentially crap their life is without whatever you are offering.

So avoid phrases like:

“Are you fed up of….”

“Don’t you hate it when….”

… I think you get the picture.

This was one area that I slipped up.  I’m from a traditional marketing background – and letting people know how a rubbish area of their life can be vastly improved with your product was pretty standard :D.

So what can you do if your Ad Account has been banned and the appeal procedure hasn’t worked?

Ok the good news is – there is somewhere you can get a new ad account for Facebook!  Yes it’s true and this is how I have managed to carry on advertising (with caution).

There is something called the Facebook Business Manager, Follow this link:  business.facebook.com

The Facebook Business Manager is more geared towards the Marketing Agencies.  And it is a bit frustrating to get your head around initially, but once you follow the tutorials, you will find you have all the same functionality as you did in your personal ad account.

The only drawback is that you can no longer share posts from your newsfeed to your page via a mobile device.   To access your page on your mobile device you need to install the Facebook Pages app, and it’s a good idea to download the Facebook Ads App too.

I hope you have found the info in this article useful, and please do share it to anyone you know who has had their Facebook ad account banned – in fact share it with anyone planning to advertise on Facebook, because those unspoken rules could save a lot of hassle and heartache.

Please do share your experience in the comments! Good luck with moving forward! 🙂

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