How to Generate Leads and Lots of Them

generate leads

Is trying to generate leads costing you a lot of money?  Are you finding it’s getting tougher to generate leads as the competition for people’s attention is increasing?  Are you completely frustrated that lead generation really seems to be holding you back?

That was me up until 3 months ago.  I spent around £2500 (around $4000) over a 4 month period trying to generate leads.  I did generate leads – but only 500.  It was hard – and every time I thought I had found the magic formula and I started getting about 10 a day – it all dried up again.

I tried different messages and even got my Facebook Ad account closed down! (If this happens to you – read this article on how I recovered my account)

Compliance is another huge obstacle to lead generation.  It seems like Facebook, YouTube and Google are constantly changing their rules of compliance.  What is acceptable one day might not be the next.  They can be so fickle – and will think nothing of shutting you down if you happen to say something that they don’t like.  Then that stream of traffic that is closed off to you – until you figure out how to get back up again.

So, in summary, paid traffic is expensive, difficult to figure out (unless you have a LOT of money to spend on it) and prone to being shut off at any given time……

At least, that’s what I used to think!

But recently, I have had results like this:

generate leads

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How??  I hear you ask

Well, I have discovered Solo Ads!

If utilised correctly, solo ads generate a LOT of leads!  Not all of them quality (but then neither were my highly targeted Facebook leads!)

Why use solo ads?

  • They reliably provide you with a large number of leads.  Anyone in sales will tell you it’s a numbers game – and the bottom line is the more leads you generate, the more sales you will generate.
  • The cost per lead is significantly less than any of the advertising giants.  This means your budget will go further!
  • You can target BUYER traffic! Yes, that’s people who have a history of purchasing online.  And a buyer’s a buyer!  Once they make an initial online purchase – they are more likely to purchase again!
  • Last but not least – zero compliance!  Yes that’s right you no longer have to fear getting your ad accounts barred or shut down!

However, and yes there is a ‘but’ – you do need to know how to source them properly.  You do need to know what to write in them!

But the good news is this can all be learned in 7 days for just $7!  Interested?  Then you should check out Misha Wilson’s Solo Ad Success Formula.

Misha himself has built a 7 figure business by simply using this method to generate leads and lots of them.

Solo Ads have been the cornerstone of my online success and in the last 3 months, have turned me from struggling affiliate to six figure earner!

You can check it out for JUST 7 Dollars – right here!

generate leads


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