How To Get Leads – The Mystery Solved

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The Lead Chronicles Part 1 – How to Get Leads.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and you need to know the following to have a successful and profitable business:

  1. How to get leads
  2. How to track and manage leads
  3. How to convert those leads into sales

Over the next few blog posts, I’m going to dig deep into these starting today with how to get leads.

Does that sound good?

Do you struggle to get leads for your business?

Yep that was me too!

I thought I was having a good week when I managed to get 10 leads!  10 whole leads!  And I paid a LOT of money for those leads too – usually around $8 each!!!  When I think about that now I just can’t believe:

a) How difficult I found it

b) How much I used to spend

c) How much time I would put into this one activity of lead generation

I REALLY want to save you that pain!  In 9 months I managed to get 500 leads and it cost $4000 (thereabouts).

So lets break this down for you, to get leads you need two things.

  1. A lead magnet (a really great offer that people want)
  2. Traffic (eyeballs on that offer)

A lead magnet needs to do one thing –

Offer a Solution to a Problem

It also needs to be relevant to whatever it is you are selling.

For example, if you are in the diet industry, you could do a meal plan to lose 5lbs in a week.

I’m in online marketing so I have a lead magnet which shows other marketers How to use Facebook to create leads and sales (you can see it here)

Your solution could be a report, a cheat sheet, a video tutorial – the format is really up to you.

So now you’ve created your lead magnet, you need people to see it.  And this is known as traffic.  You might have the best offer in the world, but if no-one can see it – then you are going to struggle to get any business.

There are 2 types of traffic – free and paid.

Free traffic through social media or SEO to your blog is lovely, but it’s unreliable and it’s unscalable.  So even if you get a good amount of leads this way – it’s difficult to increase that significantly – and managing social media and SEO is VERY time consuming.

There are lots of great methods to generate free leads on Social Media – in fact too many to go into – but if you want to find out more then get my free report here.

The best way for you to grow your business quickly and easily is through the use of paid traffic.

When I started out – I used Facebook ads, YouTube Ads and Google Adwords.  I would spend hours in creation mode, trying to make the advert look as appealing as possible, so that people might stop and look at my offer.

And I also had lots of issues with staying compliant.  With these platforms you can get shutdown very easily.  Often through no fault of your own.  In fact that’s exactly what happened to my Facebook ad account.  (If this has happened to you – here’s an article I wrote about getting your ad account back up and running.)

Even when I had adverts running I would only get a couple of leads a day and it would cost me a lot of money – only really getting a maximum of 2-3 leads a day.  The whole process was frustrating, time consuming and VERY VERY EXPENSIVE!

I was quite literally on the verge of giving up on online marketing.  I couldn’t understand why lead generation was so difficult.  Shouldn’t it be easier…?

Well, yes.  It should and actually when you know how it IS!

Let me show you my leads now:


I consistently get 200 plus leads a day.

Most of these leads cost less than $1!

I’m not spending hours a day coming up with clever adverts

I have no issues with compliance anymore.

How do I do this?

I now use Solo Ads.

Solo ads are email lists held by other marketers or bloggers.  They will send an email out to their list with your offer and people either opt in to your list if they like your offer.

This is very simple once you know:

  • Where to find solo ad vendors
  • How to test them
  • What questions to ask

As with anything, you can get bad solo ad providers, and it’s important that you ask the right questions, and do test runs.

You can find vendors in ‘Solo Ad’ groups on Facebook – and in there are many Solo Ad Vendors.

When you choose a vendor you want to find someone who has had good and recent feedback.

You want to know the following:

  • How much of their list is Top Tier (this means the major english speaking countries)  – You want 85% or above of Tier 1 countries)
  • You want to know if they have recently run an offer like yours.

To test you want to run no more than 100 clicks.  From that you will be able to see what sort of opt in rate you are getting (you want to aim for 40% or more.

Make sure the vendors have a sales page for you to order through and that it takes paypal.

It is quite straight forward, and once you have done your homework it is quick and easy.

Of course there are other variables that apply, like making sure you have great sales copy for the email, ensuring you have a capture page that converts, making sure your offer is better than other people’s in the same opportunity.

Check out this free video which show’s you how do all of that and more.








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