Is Hard Work and Hustle the Secret? (Not in my Book!)

hard work and hustle

Hard Work & Hustle? No Thank You!

I do enough hard work and hustle as a busy mama – so why on earth would I want it in my work!

Aren’t you kinda tired of the young kids working in their parents basements, constantly going on about hard work and hustle and grind – because that’s what you have to do to make money online!

Utter nonsense!!

Sure you have to work, and there will be times when you are working harder than others!

I’ve got a couple of project that I am loving and that’s taking my biz to the next level, but I can promise you I although I may work the extra hour or two in the evenings occasionally… I’m pretty much done by 4pm!

So how come I can achieve in 5 – 6 hours a day 3-4 days a week, when others claim you have to put in the hard work and hustle until 2am – 7 days a week…?

It’s because I’m smart about it!

Yep really that simple!

Check this video out – where I tell you where I put my time and effort….

So did any of that ring true for you?

Are the things you’re investing your time in going to be an asset in your business for years to come?

Are you creating smart systems to manage your business?

Are you building your intellectual capital?  Learning the best online skills so that you can apply them to any home business you want?

In fact the smartest thing I ever did was this – and the Super Affiliate Network is simply the best online education available – so if you’re looking for somewhere to start… it’s a great place (click here)

You see, I try to keep everything smart…

Smart Nutrition… I don’t spend hours prepping food – I make sure I get all the nutrients I need, and eat fairly regular meals!  You can learn more about that here.

Smart Health and Fitness… I ditched the exhausting high intensity workout for smart workouts, 7 minutes, 3 days a week and I’m not killing myself (or wrecking my knees) with simple low impact resistance training!  I’m also learning more about nutrition and how I can burn fat fast – again with nothing that makes life hard – in fact life is a lot lot simpler now!  Check out the Smart Lifestyle I’m talking about here.

When I find something i love or that has changed my life in some way, it makes sense to me to become a part of that business.  Again it’s just smart!

It creates multiple streams of income that gradually build and change your life from your body to your finances.

Hard work and hustle?  No way!


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