PT 1 – How I Got Started Online – From Excitement to Disappointment

started online

You know it wasn’t as easy as it sounds….

Sure $27k in 9 weeks is a great achievement.  The thing is, there was everything that happened before that.

You see, I was in a job that was killing my soul.  I was unappreciated, and I had just returned after the maternity leave of my second son.

At that point of returning, I had already decided I wouldn’t be there for long…..

I had started listening to podcasts on mindset and business and the same message kept coming up over and over…

If you want real freedom you have to start an online business….

Great!  That’s what I’ll do – I’ll get started online, I thought …..  So now what?

To be honest, I didn’t really think I had any special skills to give to the world, I didn’t have a clue where to get started online, and didn’t know what on earth I could do…..

I decided to press forward and I bought an online course teaching me the basics of online marketing…

(You can see my live broadcast on this topic – right here)


So I set to work, I followed all the training modules to get started online….

OK so now I know I need to build a list, and I need an autoresponder so I could build a relationship with that list – Awesome!

So now what? – I have no idea what I can sell – how the heck do I monetise this?

My first thought was to start a Network Marketing business, they have great products, but there was something that didn’t feel quite right about it, and I decided to look on the internet for idea’s

That’s where I saw it… the ‘business in a box’  was how it was sold….

I thought it was perfect.  And in essence it was.

It offered a training program, teaching more online skills, but more than that it offered an affiliate program!  Great idea!

So I get to learn more online skills, including advertising that will help me build a team creating a passive income.  Brilliant!!  Why WOULDN’T anyone do this???

It seemed like a total no brainer – my ticket to freedom…. but it didn’t quite work out that way…

In my excitement, I could totally see the value of this system, and if I could see it, then surely so would everyone!

I paid about $4,200 on credit card to jump up 2 levels straight away (that was no where near the top!)  but I thought, I need to get the best education I can afford and get the best possible level of commission I could afford.

I had already decided that Facebook adverts would be the way forward – I’m sure to hit on a huge market of people who would be dying to get their hands on an opportunity like this….

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a complete Minefield.

Even at the level I had bought into, there was inadequate actionable marketing training, and almost every webinar was focused on mindset.  Now don’t get me wrong, having a stable mindset is far more important than you think it is, but I was naive to think I had enough marketing training….

So I was about 3 days into my first Facebook campaign, I had got a few leads – then I had a message from Facebook telling me that my ad account had been shut down… PERMANENTLY!

This was devastating – but you can read about that – and how you can get your account back up again here.

After a few weeks I managed to get an account up and going again, but I completely lost my confidence and was too scared to use it.

I decided to try a few free ways to generate leads – but the process was incredibly slow and painful.

I joined a video challenge group – to give me confidence on video – and it soon transpired that I was not the only one struggling.  It seemed that a lot of people were.  There were people using Google adwords, Twitter ads, BING! and YouTube to name a few.

It seemed that being shut down was a common theme…

But mostly that leads were elusive and expensive!

I did eventually run few more campaigns – and I did get leads, but they were costing me on average $7 EACH! Yep that’s per lead, with no guarantee of a sale.

I was now about 8 months into doing this online marketing, I’d spent a lot of money on marketing (all on credit card, believing my luck would change soon)

Eventually, I realised – I need to go to the next level up to get the information I need to make lots of money, and that was going to cost me $8000!  My cards were getting full, but if I was to make it – I had to level up!

So with the help of my parents – who had absolute faith in me – that’s what I did………

Unfortunately, I was in for more disappointment…….

I honestly thought that spending $12,ooo+ I would be served the formula to making money online on a Gold platter.  I just got more frustrated and lost, and upset at the level of investment I had made – to not get the answers I needed.

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started online


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