Do the Hustle…? No thanks. I will go with the Flow


Once a upon a time doing the hustle was a dance move.  Do you remember that cheesy song? 🙂

But now, ‘hustle’ has a whole different meaning.

You see marketers using it all the time.  The likes of Gary Vaynerchuck alway refers to it.

I watch my peers post on social media – “Here I am hustling at 3am…..”


“I got up at 5am to start hustling….”

Do you know what I think?

“Sod That!”

I am a mum of 2 little boys, and I am frequently up at 5am (I can honestly say I am not a fan of that time in the morning!)

My children do go to school and nursery, so I do get some time in the day to get on with work, but my time is limited.

So I have to work smart and find my ‘Flow’.

To see out what I mean and how I do this, check out my video right here:

Learn how to reduce the hustle and get into flow state.

Learn about working smarter by multitasking the RIGHT tasks!  Repurposing content, Recycling content, and outsourcing to save your time.

Learn how to leverage every bit of down time you have.

One of the reasons I have chosen the to be with the Super Affiliate Network is because they take all the hustle away from you with a done for you system.

It means a lot of the tedious marketing chores are handled while I do the fun stuff.  Save the hustle for someone who loves hard work and hustle.

I love hard work, when I’m in flow state and it’s therefore easy 😉


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