PT 4 – The IM Profit Formula that Changed My Life

im profit formula

There is so much I want to tell you about running a successful online business.  And every part of it can be found in the IM Profit Formula E-Book (you can get that here).

But as that is 86 pages long,  I decided just to talk about the 2 most powerful parts of the formula to create a profitable income online.

Those 2 profit compounders are:

  1. How to get leads… Lots of leads
  2. How to convert those leads into sales.

Or if you prefer you can check out the live broadcast I did on this you can – right here:

How to get Lots of Quality Leads

After having struggled to get leads for months, having it cost me a fortune and go through the trauma of having my ad account shut down on Facebook.   I could not believe how simple this process was and how easy it was to get leads when you knew the right traffic strategy!

It all turned around with Solo Ads! (How to Get A Lot Of Quality Leads)

Firstly what are Solo Ads?

You find a fellow Marketer who has an e-mail list that would be responsive to your offer, pay them a certain amount of money, and in turn they send out an e-mail to their list with your ad in it.

The e-mail links directly to your capture page (the page you use to collect e-mail addresses and get them onto your list), and when people click on the link in their e-mail and opt-in, they become your e-mail list subscriber.

How do you find people willing to do this for you?

It’s actually very simple.  On Facebook there are hundreds of Solo Ad groups.  I recommend you do a search for ‘Solo Ad Testimonial’.  These testimonial groups are quite powerful as you can see which solo ad vendors are providing results.

As with anything these days, there are always unscrupulous people who want to rip you off, so never go in ‘Gung Ho’.  Always test the vendors first.

I recommend buying no more than 100 clicks when you are trialling.

A very good solo ad vendor will be able to do great swipe copy for you, and also advise on whether they think your capture page will convert well.  Remember these people know their list, and it’s worth taking their feedback.

Ideally you want to see a minimum of a 40% conversion.  So out of 100 clicks, you want at least 40 leads.

Here’s some top tips when it comes to choosing vendors:

  • Always make sure they have recent testimonials
  • Make sure you buy from their sales page – do not make a paypal transaction over a Facebook message
  • Ask if they have recently run traffic to the same offer as yours
  • Get feedback on your capture page

With a good offer, you can also bring in some front end sales, but ultimately you are looking to build your email list, so the relationship with the people on it can start… which brings me onto…. Profit compounder 2.

The Fortune is in the Follow Up (Turning Those Leads into Sales)

Building a relationship with your list is so important.

It means bringing them ‘value’ on a daily basis.  By value, I don’t mean sell, sell, sell (you can sell, but not pushing it every day – go with the 80 / 20 rule here 80% value and 20% showing your offer).

Remember you want to build a relationship with your list, so don’t be afraid to get personal and talk about your experiences.

Even something that happened in your day can have a relevant lesson that you can pass on.

The best form of value is entertainment, and if you can keep your audience entertained, they are more likely to engage with your email.

Remember you will get unsubscribes, but that’s OK – not everyone is going to resonate with you.  Just keep going with building your list, and building a relationship with them.

You don’t know when people are going to take you up on your offer – it can be months or even years down the line!

The combination of a constant pipeline of leads and daily follow up will soon result in the ‘popcorn effect’.

What I mean is; if you are just starting out then you will get a few sales here and there, but over time this will escalate and you will find that you will start to get sales daily.

You know I have only scratched the surface here.  But if you want to build a rock solid foundation for your online business, then you need the IM Profit Formula E-book (click here).

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Do not miss out on this opportunity to sky rocket your online business!  Even if you don’t yet have an online business – this is still for you as it will help you get started with a business system that is like no other.

Get your e-book the IM Profit Formula here right now!

If you’ve read my story so far, you will know how I was in massive debt – I mean huge!  You know that I added to that debt trying get my online business off the ground. (You can read about that here – PT1 – How I got Started Online – Excitement to Disappointment)

You will also know that I had a pivotal moment – where I managed to ‘reprogram’ my subconscious.  That was the catalyst to me finding the actual formula to making money online and made me my first $6,000 in 5 weeks!  (If you struggle with the law of attraction you will want to read this one!)

You will also have read about the huge ‘A-HA’ moments I had about running an online business, and how putting them into action saw my  commissions hit $27,335 in 9 weeks!  (Read about that here.)

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