Who is Karen Richardson, and What is a Dream Hacker

I have spent many years of my life fitting in with other people’s perceptions of who I should be – I lost who I actually was, and it only on this journey of my online business have I truly discovered who I am.

I consider myself to be an ‘Dream Hacker.’

What exactly does that mean?

It means that the business projects and systems I work with and promote – are the ones that I have felt inspired to get involved with.

I do my best to be authentic and only partake in businesses that are in total alignment with me and my values.

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As an online affiliate marketer it is extremely important to me that I only recommend products and services that I wholeheartedly endorse and use myself.

I believe in great ethics, good value and high quality and everything I recommend will tick all 3 of those boxes in my opinion (and my standards are very high).

Since practising some great Law of Attraction and manifestation techniques – I regularly take inspired action and put those businesses on steroids.

Nothing I do ever feels like work.

It’s fun, I love it and it’s EFFORTLESS!

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So, who is Karen Richardson on a personal level?  I am a mum to two little boys – neither of whom are at school yet – so to say I have my hands full is an understatement.
Who is Karen RichardsonI’m dead lucky to have probably the most tolerant, caring and tidy husband – Simon who loves ironing! (Yes it’s true – it’s not the main reason I married him – but it came pretty close to the top!)

I’m 44 years old – actually… 44 years YOUNG! (and when I had my boys at 38 & 40 I was termed a ‘geriatric’ mother. CHARMING!!)

Back track 3 years, I felt my age plus another 40.  I was having a pretty hard time dealing with two little boys then AND what I know now was post natal depression.

I was over-weight, and I felt just terrible – I hated what I saw in the mirror, I was irritable and angry at my children (the little people I had tried so long to finally conceive) and I just felt ….. worthless.  Yep! Worthless about summed it up.

Since Simon and I got married we started trying for children, and the five years leading up to this point was all about children, trying to get pregnant, having miscarriages, being pregnant, having baby, falling pregnant again (within a year), getting broken rib with 2nd pregnancy (pain worse than childbirth), having second baby – being Mummy to two crazy adorable boys and……..  losing myself somewhere in the process.

I had always had a career prior to the whole baby scene – I was a marketer – I love marketing and it still very much defines who I am today.

But during this time I took a job as a school secretary and it was my security blanket – no pressure – the job was a doddle and I effectively switched off my brain, so I could deal with all the emotional rollercoasters happening at that time.

I realised that I had to rediscover myself – and the surprising side effect of running an online business has allowed me to do that.

Over the few years I have discovered who I am, and what is important to me.  I have discovered my true friends and it’s been an exciting time.

I now love the businesses I share – and my own teachings on how to manifest the life of your dreams. 🙂

The journey I have been on – is something anyone can do – and one I would encourage everyone to do.   I would love to show you how I did it.


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