Know Like Trust – People Buy From People

know like trust

Do you know how to create that ‘Know Like Trust’ with complete strangers?  Did you know this can be done to the masses, but still creating an intimate connection?

Social media has opened up a global market place for people in network and affiliate marketing.  Never before have we had so many  opportunities right at our fingertips – as long as you do it right! Building ‘Know Like Trust’ with people has never been easier.  If you don’t have a plan to market yourself on Social media – you are missing out.

If you prospect someone, putting up your offer or your products – they will tell you no.  However, if you offer value and content – they will say I’ve been watching your videos – and they’ve been really useful, what is it you do?  They will be interested in you first!

You want to create the scenario where people come to you.   You want people to feel comfortable to approach you because they feel like they know you and trust you.   The only way to do that is video.

You Must Produce Video Content

Video is the quickest way to leverage yourself, build your personal brand, and attract people to you.  There is no quicker way to build ‘know like trust’.

Occasional product demo’s are fine, but what you really want to share is your story.  People are looking for connections, they want realness and vulnerability.

Share your struggles, as long as you can share what you have learned from them as a valuable lesson to others.

There are thousands of people with opportunities similar to your own, so why should people join you?  You have to understand – people don’t join companies – they join other people.

“If you’re struggling with recruiting – that means that the prospects you are approaching do not feel that you have any unique value or skills to offer them.”

It doesn’t mean you don’t have them – you just haven’t marketed them to other people, so you haven’t built that ‘know like trust’.

To help you – I have created a Facebook Group where you can practice and hone your video skills – called ‘Get Great on Video’.  You can join it here.

know like trust

Build Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not around.  The best way to build a personal brand is to show your vulnerability and embrace your weirdness.   Just be yourself.

Don’t be afraid to share your stories, your mistakes, your failures and your triumphs.  It’s the struggle that makes a great leader.  

People buy into you before they buy into your opportunity.  Take the experiences from your life and find a teachable lesson.

I have shared about being bullied and how I have learned that fear was in my head – and how I have learned to become more confident.

Don’t be afraid what people think of you.  You will attract the people you want to connect with and repel the people you don’t want.  So just focus on the people you are inspiring.

Remember the more impact you have, the more you will ruffle feathers.  If you have haters – it means you are making it in the world.

Personal branding is not something that will go away.  Personal branding safeguards you from your Affiliate or Network Marketing companies going out of business.  It also gives you the option to affiliate with more than one product – giving you a plan B, C & D if you want it.

We don’t know where we will be in 10 years.  So build a brand around you!

Start taking action today and creating your own brand content.   Don’t worry about it being perfect – people will love you more for being imperfect!

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