Learn to Ride The Rollercoaster


Do you ever feel like quitting?  You decided to become an entrepreneur, but sometimes the rollercoaster ride is a little hard to take.  Let me tell you how you ride it out…

In this live I recount some of my personal past pain to help you understand how you can tap into your inner strength.

This weekend I turned another year older.  It always seems to be a time to reflect on the past year.  In fact, I often reflect on birthdays past and think about what happened.  I have some very significant memories linked to my birthday.

My worst memory was when I turned 14 – it was at the time I was being badly bullied at school.  Even my ‘friends’ gave me a wide berth.  It was so bad and they didn’t want to be associated with me.

A very lonely time.  I remember I had lost so much confidence.   I knew even if I invited those ‘friends’ over they probably wouldn’t come to celebrate my birthday with me.  And I was right.

Then there was my 18th.  I had made new friends by joining a Scout group.  We used to go out often and go and watch heavy rock bands.  They were kinda ‘Goth’ and although that wasn’t really my thing – they completely accepted me and once again I was happy.  My 18th birthday (25 years ago!!!) was great fun, my parents hosted it  and I had come a long from the broken little girl I was.

My next wonderful birthday (35) coincided with my Honeymoon!!  We deliberately booked it so I could celebrate on a cruise ship sailing around the Hawaiian Islands.  That day I had been snorkelling, and I got stung by Portuguese Man’o’ War – (you couldn’t make this stuff up).  Fortunately, I was fine and I still enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon!

Turning 37, I remember feeling so overwhelmingly sad.  I was so conscious of my biological clock ticking away.  I had had 2 or 3 miscarriages by this point, and I was losing hope that I would ever have a child.

On my 38th birthday, I was 14 weeks pregnant with my first child Jamie.  I had finally made it past 12 weeks was so happy…..

So why am I telling you this, and what the heck does it have to do with being an Entrepreneur?

On this, my 43rd birthday, I look back with pride at how far I have come in the last 12 months.  But it has not been easy.  I have faced times where I have cried, got frustrated, incredibly overwhelmed – but I still managed to ride the rollercoaster and stay on track.

The ONLY reason I recommend you look back on your life is to see where you have been so strong.  Where you have already ridden that rollercoaster and experienced enormous lows but you have survived.  Not just survived:

  • You have become stronger
  • You have more wisdom
  • You have more compassion
  • You have greater understanding and knowledge
  • You have a lesson to teach others

And this is as a result of your life experience.

Use that information for the journey you are on now.  Learn from it and apply the same tenacity when things are tough.

Don’t Give Up!

Even as a young girl, despite having a horrible time at school, I never gave up believing in people.  And although for many years I had a massive dent in my confidence and self esteem, I still made new friends.  And now I make wonderful friends, and I teach others how to build their confidence.

If I had given up on my dream of being a Mum and deciding that the pain of miscarriage was too much, I would not have 2 wonderful little boys who fill my heart with so much joy.

If I had given up on my dream of being an entrepreneur, I would still be sat at my desk in an office working, up to my eyeballs in debt and feeling pretty miserable.

Let’s Get Some Perspective

I think one of the great problems in both the Online Marketing and the Network Marketing space is that people see it as the quick fix.  If they are not making money within a few months, they give up.

It took me 3 years of incredible lows to make new friends.  It took me 3 years of incredible lows to have a successful pregnancy. But I got there.

Why on earth do we think that a business will be successful in less than that?

When you see peoples success stories ‘ Oh I made 6 figures in 6 months’ – just remember you are not getting the full story.  Usually there has been a LOT of struggle beforehand.

So look back and learn.  Don’t compare yourself to others ONLY by your own progress.  I know I have certainly grown more in this last 12 – 18 months than at any other time in my life.

This is because I now consistently feed myself with the right information to grow – but that’s another blog post 🙂




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