How to Create an Empathy Map

empathy map

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! Do you want to short cut all the hustle and start getting results in your business? Click here to join my group become a Dream Hacker! Start achieving your dreams the easy way! Thanks for visiting!The quickest way to build a relationship with someone in business is to show…

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Does Feng Shui Really Work? Depends Who You Ask…

feng shui

I suppose it depends who you ask.  Haha :D.  But I think so. Many years ago, I always remember Chris Evans who was a Radio 1 DJ (not the Captain America one)  And he sang the following lyrics to the melody of the Ying Tong Song (and if you’re really desperate to hear what that…

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How to Control Anxiety – 3 Easy Steps


Anxiety can be inconvenient at best and debilitating at worst.  Here I talk about how I got my anxiety under control and got my life back. I remember it clearly, I was chopping veg in the kitchen when out of nowhere came a full on panic attack. This one didn’t even have a trigger! My heart…

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Taking Responsibility – The Most Important Day of Your Life

taking responsibility

Are you taking responsibility for your life?  Are you owning it like a boss?  Here’s why it is so important. You will have many great days in your life.  The day you marry the love of your life, the day you hold your baby in your arms for the first time etc.  Your life will…

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Manifest ANYTHING Fast! With Cybernetic Transposition

What if I told you there is a way to manifest ANYTHING fast?  What if I told you – it can be done using duplicatable steps – A blueprint that ANYONE can follow? It’s true!  You don’t even have to believe in the Law of Attraction!  It will still work! Cybernetic Transposition, while it sounds…

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Put Rocket Fuel Into Your Online Marketing Strategy

I don’t normally go out really pushing the sale, but when something is just too good value – I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t! So here’s the thing! You need to check out this E-Book – It holds the key to sky rocketing your online business. You will learn everything you need…

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PT 4 – The IM Profit Formula that Changed My Life

im profit formula

There is so much I want to tell you about running a successful online business.  And every part of it can be found in the IM Profit Formula E-Book (you can get that here). But as that is 86 pages long,  I decided just to talk about the 2 most powerful parts of the formula…

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PT 3 From One “A-HA” Moment to another – I Finally Cracked It!


A-HA! I finally found it – the solution!  The actual formula to making money online!  At last – someone was giving exact practical steps I could follow! I had made the goal of making $5,000 by the end of April.  It was 23rd April and I had made a few sales but nothing that convinced me…

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PT 2 – How to Make Money for Anything Fast – Reprogramming My Subconscious

anything fast

With a total of $14,000 invested, I knew I had to put everything I had into my business. (If you haven’t read it yet, check out my previous blog post – PT 1 – How I Got Started Online –  From Excitement to Disappointment!) I read a book – which was hard going to be…

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PT 1 – How I Got Started Online – From Excitement to Disappointment

started online

You know it wasn’t as easy as it sounds…. Sure $27k in 9 weeks is a great achievement.  The thing is, there was everything that happened before that. You see, I was in a job that was killing my soul.  I was unappreciated, and I had just returned after the maternity leave of my second…

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