How to Change Your Life

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! Do you want to short cut all the hustle and start getting results in your business? Click here to join my group become a Dream Hacker! Start achieving your dreams the easy way! Thanks for visiting!Congratulations!  Did you know that just by making the decision read this post, that…

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The Key To Online Success – Always Do It Your Way

So today I got bigged up by my boss…… well…. he’s not really my boss…  Misha Wilson is the founder of the Super Affiliate Network where I make most of my online income. The thing about Misha is – he really knows his stuff when it comes to internet marketing and that’s why he has…

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Am I In The Right Business? I Don’t Like Hustle!

right business

As the year has drawn to close, I have taken a few weeks away from my online business to reflect, and decide if I am in the right business. All the tales that you have to do ‘the hustle’ and working every hour that God sends in order to have a successful online biz, made me…

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How To Get Leads – The Mystery Solved

get leads

The Lead Chronicles Part 1 – How to Get Leads. Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and you need to know the following to have a successful and profitable business: How to get leads How to track and manage leads How to convert those leads into sales Over the next few blog posts, I’m going…

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Parenting Fail…. Cookie Disaster

The time in my parenting life that I have been dreading happened to me this week. A couple of weeks ago, I got a letter from my little boys school asking me produce either baked goods or crafts for their Xmas fundraiser. Not being particularly gifted nor patient in the world of crafting…. I decided…

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Learn to Ride The Rollercoaster


Do you ever feel like quitting?  You decided to become an entrepreneur, but sometimes the rollercoaster ride is a little hard to take.  Let me tell you how you ride it out… In this live I recount some of my personal past pain to help you understand how you can tap into your inner strength.…

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Do the Hustle…? No thanks. I will go with the Flow


Once a upon a time doing the hustle was a dance move.  Do you remember that cheesy song? 🙂 But now, ‘hustle’ has a whole different meaning. You see marketers using it all the time.  The likes of Gary Vaynerchuck alway refers to it. I watch my peers post on social media – “Here I am hustling…

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Stand Out in a Crowd – Embrace Your Weirdness

stand out in a crowd

Whatever line of business you are in as an entrepreneur, the chances are there are already people who do what you do….. or are there?  Learn how to stand out in a crowd of what might seem to be a saturated market place. In this Facebook live, I discuss how “competition” is really a mindset…

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Relationship Marketing – Be Uniquely You

Relationship Marketing

Working in Affiliate or Network Marketing, the emphasis has to be on Relationship Marketing.  I see Social Media constantly spammed with often the same opportunities over and over again.  With so many opportunities out there you have to differentiate yourself from everyone else.  You need to be a leader. I know for many of you…

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Know Like Trust – People Buy From People

know like trust

Do you know how to create that ‘Know Like Trust’ with complete strangers?  Did you know this can be done to the masses, but still creating an intimate connection? Social media has opened up a global market place for people in network and affiliate marketing.  Never before have we had so many  opportunities right at our fingertips…

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