Parenting Fail…. Cookie Disaster

The time in my parenting life that I have been dreading happened to me this week.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a letter from my little boys school asking me produce either baked goods or crafts for their Xmas fundraiser.

Not being particularly gifted nor patient in the world of crafting…. I decided on baked goods.  (Also not a strength of mine.)

Ask me to whip up a nice pasta dish, homemade pizza, or do a mean steak – that’s no problem……  but baking… uh oh!

So, I decided on Christmas Cookies…. I mean how hard can it be right?  I made the dough with my electric mixer! Easy!

I rolled it out and let my little boy Jamie help cut out shapes – I got this!

Although I had to work hard at keeping my kitchen OCD in check when Jamie was cutting the shapes all over the place and not neatly close together! But I got through it!

I managed to cook them without burning!  Always a bonus!

So it was all going pretty well.  All I had to do was put icing on them….

O M G!

A think a video can say a thousand words…

The icing was too runny, the icing was too stiff…..

It was FAR from perfect.

Dutifully I took them in this morning and told them Jamie helped me!  (Which is true…… kind of)

This afternoon I will be going to the Christmas market – no doubt there will be much better efforts from the other mums… But hey, I did it!

I can hear you saying – this is a nice story Karen, but what has it got to do with running a business.

Believe it or not it has EVERYTHING to do with it.

You see it started with me massively stepping out of my comfort zone.  Something you must be prepared to do if you want to win at an online business.

It meant I took Imperfect Action.   It’s the only way you can make progress.  It doesn’t look pretty, but I  still delivered!

Waiting for perfection can sabotage your business.  It’s actually more important to take action that’s imperfect than taking no action at all.

What are you NOT doing for the fear of stepping out of your comfort or because it isn’t perfect?

Maybe you’re getting in your own way of your dreams?









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