Relationship Marketing – Be Uniquely You

Relationship Marketing

Working in Affiliate or Network Marketing, the emphasis has to be on Relationship Marketing.  I see Social Media constantly spammed with often the same opportunities over and over again.  With so many opportunities out there you have to differentiate yourself from everyone else.  You need to be a leader.

I know for many of you – you won’t know where to start.  Well, I’m going to tell you.  You start with Relationship marketing.

The advent of Social Media has opened so many doors for us all – we can now reach anyone in the world.  Even those once elusive celebrities.  As with everything – there good and bad sides to Social Media.

For the home business market – it has been an absolute blessing if managed well – and just awful if not.

Create Curiosity Instead of Raising Resistance

If you are currently just posting offer after offer after offer on your Social Media – people will tune out.  They will unfollow and not want to see you in their social media.  So what do you do instead?

Instead, you create interest and curiosity.  Stop constantly talking about your company and it’s products, and instead focus on what you have learned, and teach instead.

You probably have notebooks full of training notes – that will give you some really great content to give to others.  Constantly be in learning mode – listen to great podcasts – take your cues from other leaders in your industry – read books that help you to grow and take the nuggets of information that have helped you and pass on that information in your own unique way.

“The Fastest Way to Master Success is to Out-Teach the Competition.”

Relationship marketing can really be defined by being a better teacher, as people will  want to learn from you and ultimately want to work with you.   This naturally makes you a leader and someone people will come to when they want to look at a business opportunity.  Continually imparting your knowledge will enhance their skills and make them more likely to experience success in the long run.

In this Blog Article – Know Like & Trust, I will tell you exactly how you can do this in the most effective way.

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