Am I In The Right Business? I Don’t Like Hustle!

right business

As the year has drawn to close, I have taken a few weeks away from my online business to reflect, and decide if I am in the right business.

All the tales that you have to do ‘the hustle’ and working every hour that God sends in order to have a successful online biz, made me question if I was in the right business.  With a young family to care for; is this really for me?

December is always a hectic month with Christmas to prepare for, especially when you have 2 small children – it makes the season extra special – and you tend to go that extra mile to make sure they feel the magic.  😉

With that in mind, I decided to take the month of December off, so that I could give all my attention to them, and besides, I was feeling I needed that time out from my online biz.

I realised I had become really stressed with what I was doing.  I was making myself ill, I was feeling anxious all the time and actually quite depressed. I was depressed and anxious because I wasn’t sure I was doing everything I thought I should be.

You see I’m one of the leaders in my opportunity – not really by design – it just kinda happened.  I’ve been watching the other leaders consistently put themselves out there – lots of ‘LIVE’ presentations, Q&A’s and frankly doing an awesome job!

It made me feel in constant catch up mode.  Questioning if I was really good enough to do this online biz gig.

Meanwhile, quietly in the background, I have been helping my members, building extra training that helped get them into action mode and out of frustration and procrastination.  But is it really enough?

I was feeling guilty that my head was constantly buried in some screen or another while I was with my kids.  Is this really the right business if it takes me away from being present with my children….?

For the first few weeks of my break in December, all of this has been going around in my head…..

No wonder I feel so fucked up about it!

Taking some ‘me time’, has allowed me some rational thought, some connecting to source and looking inwards instead of outwards.

I realised that the anxiety and the depression have all been caused by me – and me alone.

I was comparing myself to others instead of doing what was right for me!

You know a LOT of people joined my opportunity WITH ME because of my values and what I was putting out there.

For me the main reason I do what I do is aligned with my core values which are:

  • Having time freedom to spend with my children and family – WITHOUT all the hustle
  • To be authentic to myself and what is important to me
  • To make money keeping to those values
  • To help others realise they do not have to work all the hours god sends to create a successful online business

This means that I might not make those multiple 6 figure or 7 figure milestones as quickly as others who choose to hustle.  But it does mean that I get to enjoy my journey!

I get to have a quality of life while I’m earning.

And that ^^^^ makes me very happy.

So am I in the right business?  HELL YES I AM!!!

The right business for me is the Super Affiliate Network.  Why?   Because it teaches you how to generate leads that turn into sales with minimum effort.  I have been able to use the skills sets that I have learned with the Super Affiliate Network in other businesses that are now also bringing in other streams of income.

I realised that I was experiencing my best successes when I wasn’t putting a lot of pressure on myself and I was just doing what felt right.  I had my first $5k month followed quickly by my first $10k month with Super Affiliate Network.

So in hindsight, I realised I need to put some boundaries in place for myself while I am with my children.  I need to trust myself more and stop comparing to others.

Afterall, I must be doing something right, here I am taking a whole month off work…. and guess what – I’m still making money residually!

No online business will work for you unless you are prepared to invest in yourself to get the knowledge you need.  You need to be consistent and committed.  If this sounds like you and you like the idea of being able to do this WITHOUT hustling day and night – then let me show you the way and get started right here.

right business


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