Smart Workout – Not Hard Workout

smart workout

Is there really such thing as a Smart Workout?

Are you fed up of killing yourself with high intensity workouts that leave you feeling drained?  Have you ever found that the workout bug has never really kicked in ‘like they say it will’?  If this is you – then you are totally ready for a smart workout.

You’re pretty savvy!  You know quite a lot about nutrition and exercise, yet you find it hard work?

  • Working out your calorie intake daily – hard work
  • Beasting yourself for 20-30 minutes a day on the latest HIIT or high impact insane workout – hard work

Are you beginning to resign yourself to getting a bit older, or being a parent and finding it hard to just to get the energy to fit it all in?

The food planning, the time to workout (and recover enough to carry on with your day or look after your children).

I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!

I have been getting so despondent with trying to balance my work, my family and my health.

At the end of the day there are needs that have to be prioritised and met with family and finances, so it’s easier to let the ‘health’ part go.

Although I know my health is the most important – as I have to be well to meet the other priorities.

I have found myself frustrated and uninspired with eating choices and really not able to face completely exhausting myself with a crazy workout.

So it’s not often that something comes along in the health industry that I really get excited about.

I have found the smart workout and nutrition I have been looking for!  I think it will answer your prayers too!

I used to regularly do high impact interval workouts from 20 minutes to half an hour, and It was completely exhausting.

I always found myself tired all day from the intensity level, and I certainly did not enjoy it.

I thought back to my twenties and how much I loved working out in a gym.  I was in great shape too.  But it wasn’t the cardio I loved – and HIIT didn’t really exist then – it was resistance training!

Well you know me and the universe right?  Well it kicked in – in full force!

The same week I was thinking about dusting off my weights bench and dumbells – The NOW Lifestyle showed up in my inbox offering me a free account!

I was curious – as it claimed I could get into the best shape of my life just by doing a 7 minute workout 3 times a week.

So I decided to sign up for the free account (NO credit cards required). A little bit sceptical, but I thought it can’t hurt to look.

I went through the video’s, and what this guy – Joel Therien was saying was just making perfect sense to me.

I was also delighted that none of the workouts required me to jump around until I felt like I was going to be sick!

You see, Joel places the emphasis on building muscle to burn fat rather than knackering your knees out!

Now I know this isn’t news, but his highly efficient and effective workouts compacted into just 7 minutes were enough to make me want to find out more….  (And you can get the full explanation from Joel here when you open a free account)

He was also giving easy nutrition tips that blew my mind, but again just made perfect sense, and are completely simple to integrate into your daily routine!

The other reason I got excited very quickly was because it is a home based opportunity that is completely geared toward building your business online (my favourite thing!!)!

I’m all about working smart, and this business just has it all!  Smart Health and Wealth!!


Meet Joel, and check it out here!  You will be blown away by the free content and training – I certainly was!

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I’m all about working smart in every aspect of life.  If you want a Smart way to build a business like this then check this out.

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