Stand Out in a Crowd – Embrace Your Weirdness

stand out in a crowd

Whatever line of business you are in as an entrepreneur, the chances are there are already people who do what you do….. or are there?  Learn how to stand out in a crowd of what might seem to be a saturated market place.

In this Facebook live, I discuss how “competition” is really a mindset issue, and how you can stand out in a crowd using mindset hacks and practical strategies.

Below the video I will note the important takeaways you will learn here.

Takeaways from this Live

  1. It is a BIG mistake to NOT: Follow your dream / passion, step into your greatness or step into your commitment to serve others; just because someone else is already doing it.
  2. View “competition” as an opportunity to learn or to collaborate.
  3. There really is NO competition.
  4. Embrace your inner snowflake.  Be uniquely you 🙂
  5. Create bonuses that help people with these 2 main needs: Time and Connection.

By practising these, you WILL stand out in a crowd and be seen as a leader.


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