Taking Responsibility – The Most Important Day of Your Life

taking responsibility

Are you taking responsibility for your life?  Are you owning it like a boss?  Here’s why it is so important.

You will have many great days in your life.  The day you marry the love of your life, the day you hold your baby in your arms for the first time etc.  Your life will be filled with many joyous and momentous times.  But taking responsibility will take your life to the next level.

It’s a decision that you can make right now if you haven’t already.

Maybe you’re not there yet, or you are already on the other side of that decision like I am now.

How Taking Responsibility Changes Your Life

The day you say, I own my life.  I own all the good stuff and I own all the bad stuff is hugely empowering.

If you are sat there reading this and thinking but hang on, I didn’t ask to lose my job, I didn’t ask for all this debt, I didn’t ask to get cancer….  It wasn’t my fault, so how can I take responsibility for it?

OK so here’s the thing.  Taking responsibility is not about attributing blame – or fault.     Taking responsibility is about owning it.

Own it all!

Because once you own it the bad stuff, even if it was caused by outside influences – You are in control of your life.

I want to give you an example of an incredible lady who has completely ‘owned’ and taken responsibility for her cancer.

Karen Rowe is a friend who I met through the digital world.  She has had breast cancer and has been undergoing massive reconstructive surgery this past year.

Here’s the thing.  You never hear Karen complain.  She never bitches about her lot, and why has this happened to me.  No.  She owns it!

Instead, Karen writes incredibly inspiring blogs.  She is enlightening many others on how to fight cancer with knowledge of diet, but more importantly a positive mental attitude.

Owning Your Mistakes

In my life I have many ‘mistakes’.

  • The first man I married (and divorced).
  • Allowing debt to build.
  • Creating more debt to invest in an opportunity that didn’t pan out for me.

I could allow these things to consume me.  And at one time I did.

I was in full victim mode.

My husband was out of work, things kept going wrong with the cars, if something could go wrong – it did go wrong…..

In fact, it was probably only 18 months ago that I started taking responsibility for all of it.  The good stuff and the bad stuff.

The moment you do that your life changes in an instant.

Instead of mistakes, I saw lessons.  Instead of a terrible time – I see a beautiful journey unfolding.  Instead of bad stuff I see that I was being guided to something better.

Now that I own it all, I learn from my lessons.  When things are going wrong, I know it’s time to re-evaluate my situation and change my approach.  I now realise that sometimes you have to go through the tough times to make you appreciate more.

Taking Responsibility Completely Empowers You

Hopefully now you see how this single mindset change puts you in charge of your life.

You discover that blame and resentment are just useless wastes of time and energy.  Energy that can be channeled into fixing and finding solutions.

You see how adverse situations are actually opportunities to grow and learn.

You learn how failures and mistakes are wonderful lessons.

You recognise the excuses you have told yourself in the past and how those excuses have given you something to hide behind.

When you accept responsibility – you refuse to stay small – and allow yourself to be browbeaten.  Instead you rise up and claim your power.

If life is the sea, you are the captain of your ship.  You can steer your way to new ventures, or just allow the sea to take you adrift. You can grab hold of the helm (ship’s wheel) when it’s rough, and decide you will not be taken down. You get to decide how to navigate, and if you’re taken off course you get to explore new water and enjoy the journey.

You can read Karen Rowe’s blog post and see some of her journey with cancer here: Feel the Fear and Make Peace With Cancer

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