Trolls and Haters – 5 Tips on Dealing with Them

trolls and haters

Are Trolls and haters making your life difficult or uncomfortable?  Then stick with me, I’m here to help.

As someone who was bullied at school – I feel great empathy for those who are at the receiving end of trolls and haters.  At least in my school days this behaviour pretty much ended as school ended.  Back in the day, people couldn’t reach you like they can now.

Since the rise of social media, sadly, there has been a rise in what can only be described as bad behaviour on the interweb.

At one time, bullying behaviour was pretty much kept in the school playground.   But now it seems anyone who happens to take a dislike to you or something you do, will happily sit behind their screen and send abuse!

I enjoyed this quote from

“And just when you really begin to shine, you hear it on the wind: someone has a problem with the way you look, the way you sing, dance, or flip veggie burgers. Maybe he or she even has a problem with the way you express yourself.

Our society calls them haters.”

So what can we do when we find ourselves at the receiving end of trolls and haters?

Well, let me give you a few tips…..


1. Don’t React!

It’s what they want!  And as much as you want to defend yourself, don’t do it.

It’s like oxygen to these people, they absolutely feed off it and will continue to try and push your buttons.

Of course with a lot of the social media platforms the more engagement a post gets, the more it gets seen, so it’s not even worth giving them your time of day.


2. Trolls and Haters are unhappy people.

I’m definitely not excusing their behaviour!  But you have to remember that normal happy people don’t behave that way!

Take some peace of mind from recognising that they can’t be in a happy place while running other people down.


3. Their behaviour is not about you

Oftentimes, when someone is behaving badly – it’s a direct reflection of what’s happening with them internally.

As much as it feels personal, remember it’s telling us way more about the person they are, rather than the person you are.

Keep doing what you’re doing and carrying on shining!


4. Like attracts like

There’s a well known saying ‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’.

If you are concerned that people in your circle will be influenced by what the trolls and haters have to say, don’t be.  The fact is if people would rather align themselves with negative people, you’re probably better off not having them around you.

Those who know you and love what you’re about will not be swayed by gossip.


5. Turn it into a positive

If you have had an experience with trolls and haters, then you’re not alone!

Sharing your experience could help someone else who might not be finding it so easy to deal with.

Remember to keep your vibe high, and don’t let the bastards get you down 😉

For a more in depth look at this and a bit of a laugh, check out the Facebook live (above) I did on this topic.


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