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Meet Misha Wilson

If you’ve been on the internet marketing circuit for a while you may have heard his name.  Misha Wilson is known for being one of the youngest entrepreneurs to grow his business from 0-6 figures in just 6 months.

Now, 18 months down the line, at the tender age of 25, Misha Wilson has masterminded his own affiliate program – The Super Affiliate Network, which has grown to the 7 figure mark in LESS than 5 months.  So what is it about this guy that makes him so special?

In one word ‘commitment’.    When you see video’s of Misha talking about his craft, it is highly obvious this guy really know’s his stuff, and listening to him – I think you’ll agree he has a wisdom way beyond his years.

Misha Wilson, is totally committed to giving great training – that does NOT just consist of fluff.  What Misha teaches in his Super Affiliate Network is the exact formula he himself used to get him to the 6 figure mark in just 6 months.

Misha always acknowledges that if his affiliates aren’t making money, then neither is he, and that it is in the best interests of everyone that he gives the highest quality of actionable training to everyone who is affiliated to The Super Affiliate Network.

As one of his affiliates, I can tell you it took me a lot less than 6 months to hit that magic 6 figure income using Misha’s system after having struggled for 9 months trying to solve the internet marketing mystery.

See the interview I recently held with Misha in Maui, Hawaii where he lives.

As I said in the interview, the one thing that might not always be apparent is the big heart Misha has.  When you get to meet him in person, you realise that he genuinely wants to help people reach their goals and live their dreams.

To learn more about Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network, click here.


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