Leads Are Great - Sales Are Better

The Zero Bullshit Guide to Converting Leads into Raving Fans and Buyers

(If you're struggling for leads - I can help you there too...)

I bet you thought there would be some fancy capture page with all the usual hyped up promises that you get in online business these days...

No not from me.

I'm going to give you the secret right up front.

No BS...

This is the most important page on this website, so please read it all.

Alright, well firstly, shall we stop calling them leads?

(By the way if you have trouble getting leads - you really want to continue reading!)

At the end of every email address is a human being with needs, desires and frustrations.... Just like you, me and every other person on the planet...

Now don't get me wrong - I always used to generically blast my leads on a daily basis without really thinking about;

What made them hurt? What made them happy? What they truly desired? What pissed them off? (daily broadcasts pushing a sale probably :D)

It made me realise that there could be countless answers to those questions, and that's when the major a-ha shift happened for me.

I was scatter gunning and not niching down.

I want to share with you a simple tool that has allowed me to really get to grips with this - but more on that later...

I found that when I started with some simple questions, I started getting a profound insight into how people ticked, and so it made it easier for me to deliver the right message to them....

Guess what happened next....?

A relationship!

Yup, talk about your 'know, like, trust' right?

Now this is just the beginning!

When you start a relationship, you have to nurture it, make them feel special - especially in those early days.

Let's face it if you're not enraptured on the first date - it aint never going to happen!

And some people just aren't going to 'feel it' no matter how fabulous you are!

But that's ok!

After all we only want to date those people who have a genuine interest in you right?

And let's face it - there are some people you just don't want to date - right?

The high maintenance ones The negative ones The ones who really don't know a good thing when they see it etc... etc... etc...

I'm sure if you have been in Internet Marketing for a few months or more, you know exactly what I mean 😀

So let's forget about those guys.

We are going to focus on the people who dig you, think you're cool and just plain old fashioned 'get you'!

So now you've peaked the interest of people who think you're cool, and you want to get them to second base...

How do you do that?

You over deliver, exceed expectations...

How do you do that?

Well, I'm going to show you...

For free...

If you're interested, I want to show you in simple steps how you can start turning your leads into raving fans and BUYERS!


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REVEALED Zero BS Guide to Sales Conversions

See you on the other side

Karen 'Zero BS' Richardson

PS: Here's that tool I promised you. It's called an empathy map - and it really is the first step to this whole process.

I've thrown in a little video talking you through the process of using it too 🙂

PPS: If you're struggling to get leads  - then you definitely need to see me on the other side! - I can show you how to get them on tap